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Midi Quest Pro only


In 'Sgl' mode (in General parameters) a Dump Request will be sent before SysEx is requested.

# of Bytes - the number of bytes to send a Dump Request

- set to 0 if no request

- the request can be up to 20 bytes long

- (ie 5 for Yamaha DX Voice)

MIDI Req Ch Ofs - the byte offset to store the SysEx Channel making a Dump Request

- set to 0 if the SysEx is not channelized

- remember the bytes are ordered 0->#bytes-1

- (eg. 2 for Yamaha DX Voice)

Dump Request - below the Ch Ofs there is space to enter the SysEx's dump request

- it MUST be entered in HEXADECIMAL

- F0 43 20 0 F7 for a Yamaha DX Voice

- note: each number must be entered separately with a <RETURN> afterwards

Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one