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New Set/Editor creates a new Set or Editor window. The new Set or Editor will have all of it parameter values zeroed. This function will work with Sets, and with most Bank and single components for which there are editors available.

How this function operates varies depending on what is selected in the Studio window as described below.

If a single device is selected and that device has a Set selected, Midi Quest will create a new Set window.

If a single device is selected and that device has a Component selected (bank or single SysEx), Midi Quest will create a new Bank or new Editor appropriate to the selected SysEx. In Midi Quest Pro, it the selected SysEx is not a bank and doesn't have an editor, the SysEx is displayed in a View window.

If multiple devices are selected, a new Collection is created. In that Collection are placed new Sets and SysEx components.



To add a new Editor window:

1.Select the Set or Component for the SysEx you wish to add
2.Choose Studio/New/Set or Studio/New/Editor depending on the Instrument's current selection

Key Equivalent:


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials

CheckYes (Sets only)

Midi Quest one

CheckYes (Sets only)