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This command opens a dialog which you use to install instrument modules from a folder located on disk into the program.

After selecting the instrument module(s), Midi Quest installs the instrument and attempts to automatically determine which MIDI port the instrument is connected to and what channel it is using to communicate SysEx on.

Along with the instructions below, instrument modules can be install into Midi Quest using the File / Open menu item and by simply dragging and dropping the .SQZ files onto the Studio window. The module will automatically be installed.

If you are manually installing instrument modules from disk (most likely because the computer running Midi Quest is not connected to the internet), it will be necessary to first download the instrument modules from Sound Quest's ftp site. While any FTP application should work, we recommend using Filezilla because it is free and we use it here to transfer files and it has been extremely reliable.

To connect to the FTP site using Filezilla, enter the following information:

FTP Site: ftp.soundquest.org
Username: MidiQuest12@soundquest.org
Password: MidiQuest12Download

The connection must be made using "plain FTP" only. Any attempts involving TLS typically do not work.

Instrument modules can be dragged and dropped from the list directly to your hard drive.

note 1: McAfee anti-virus software interferes with the installation of Midi Quest instrument modules whether they are downloaded from the internet or installed from disk. In order to install modules, this software must be disabled.

note 2: Dragging and dropping instrument modules onto the Studio Window to install is available on Windows and Mac Cocoa versions. It is not available for the Mac Carbon versions.



To install additional instruments into Midi Quest:

1.Choose Studio/Install from/Disk...
2.Use the displayed File Selector dialog to navigate to the folder where the .sqz files are located
3.Select the modules to install and press the Open button
4.Midi Quest will install the select instrument's module(s)
5.Midi Quest will then attempt to determine the SysEx Channel, MIDI IN Port and MIDI OUT Port used by the instrument
6.If step 5 is not successful, you will need to manually configure the instrument using the Settings dialog


The File Selector Dialog


The file selector dialog is used to select one or more instrument modules (.sqz files) to install in Midi Quest. The .sqz files use a proprietary compression format so only Midi Quest is able to expand the files and install them to the correct folder locations.



Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials

CheckYes(limited to 3 MIDI devices installed at any given time)

Midi Quest one

CheckYes(limited to 1 MIDI device)

See Also: Introduction - Installing Instruments