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Add Installed Instrument adds an instrument to the Studio. This function only adds instruments to the Studio which have been previously installed on the hard drive by the program's installer.

This function is useful in the following circumstances: (1) it allows instruments which have been previously removed from the Studio to be reinstalled. (2) A Studio can be created which has multiple copies of the same instrument. For instance, you could install four TX81Z modules if you had four TX81Zs. (3) It allows you to add components for a new instrument without losing your current Studio.


In the case of Midi Quest Essentials, only three instruments may be installed to the Studio at any given time. To add a different instrument module when three are already loaded, one must first be removed before a different one may be added.


In the case of Midi Quest one, only a single instrument can be installed. Before installing an instrument module, you must be certain that the selected module is the correct one. In addition, Midi Quest one offers only a limited selection from around 150 instruments.


To add an instrument to the Studio:

1.Choose Studio/Add Instrument...
2.Select the instrument to add to the list. More than one instrument may be selected
3.Click on OK to add the selected instrument(s) to the Studio



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Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one