MQ Properties Page (Settings Dialog)


Properties Page (Single)


This page is only displayed when the Settings dialog is opened from a SysEx window (Set, Bank Editor, Parameter Editor, or Collection). While these properties are available for all types of SysEx, the properties names are generally used to categorize the SysEx.

The page contains a series of text descriptors for the SysEx. While these descriptors have each been given a name, in reality, each descriptor could be used for any purpose you see fit. This information in no way effects the actual SysEx stored by Midi Quest.

Author: enter the name of the person who created the Patch (this is the generic term "Patch" as in reality this can be any type of SysEx)

Copyright: the copyright owner of the SysEx

Song: the name of the Song that the Patch was created for

Musician: if the patch was created in the style of a particular musician, their name can be entered here

Band: the name of the band whose Song the Patch was created for

Long Name: there can be cases where the name you would like to assign to the Patch is actually longer than can be stored within the MIDI Device's SysEx structure. In this case, enter the full name of the Patch here and store a compressed version of the name in the SysEx.

Tags: Up to 8 tags can be used to describe the SysEx. These tags are currently used in the Library's Query Dialog so that Patches meeting a given set of criteria can be selected for auditioning or editing. If all of your Patches are properly tagged, it is easy to find all of the bass Patches, bass Patches that are synthesized or just the pizzicato violins from all of the violins. While it may take some time to initially set up this information, it will save you a substantial amount of time in the long run since you will be able to find certain types of Patches very easily.

To assign a tag, click the left mouse button while the mouse in one of the eight boxes in the keys area. A pop-up menu will appear displaying all available tags. Select the tag you wish to assign. If there is already an assigned key, it will be overwritten.

There are two additional options at the bottom of the popup menu.:

"Clear" removes the currently listed key.

"Tag and Category" is an option setting. When not checked, the tag function works as described above. When this option is selected, it becomes checked the next time the pop-up menu is displayed. When checked, making a menu selection adds two tags. The first entry is the category from which the tag selection was made. The next entry is the actual selected tag. For example, selecting "Hammond" from the "Keyboard" category after clicking on "Tag 4" has the following result. Tag 4 is set to "Keyboard" and Tag 5 is set to "Hammond". This functionality does not work when clicking on Tag 8.

Remember that while tags can be assigned from any SysEx window and can be used as a reminder as to the qualities of a Patch, these assignments are most useful in the Library Window


Properties Page (Bank)


The Properties page displayed when the selected SysEx is a Bank is a little different. In this case, a list of all of the bank elements is included. To assign properties to a particular element in the bank, first select that element. When finished making changes, press the Apply button. If a different bank element is selected before the Apply button is pressed, all changes previously made in the Properties page will be lost.


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one