MQ Custom Page (Settings Dialog)



This page is displayed when opened from the Studio window or for SysEx components where the MIDI device is not loaded in the Studio. The page is only displayed when it is required for correct communication with the MIDI device.

As described on the page, some components require a custom parameter to be set in order for the component to function correctly. For these components, an entry will appear in the list showing the name of the component along with the current Custom value. To change the value, select the component and use the drop-down list to change the value.

The use of the parameter will typically be described in the MIDI device's Fast Tips. In the case of the Proteus 2/3 used in this example, the Proteus doesn't have an edit buffer that Midi Quest can request so the editor must work with a specific memory location. Since Preset locations 0 - 63 are ROM and 64 - 127 are RAM, this parameter will display options in the range of 64 - 127. The selected location will be used as a scratch pad location for editing.


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one