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Midi Quest Pro is capable of importing roughly 1000 different types of SysEx from SoundDiver 3 Library files.


Midi Quest can import virtually all SysEx stored by instruments whose editors are build with the UNI module in SoundDiver assuming that the MIDI device is also supported by Midi Quest. It also has support for a limited selection of instruments which use custom modules.


Importing is extremely easy. Ensure that Midi Quest has the appropriate instrument modules installed in the Studio window. Choose File / Open from the menus and select the .LIB file to import. The file selector in the Windows version of Midi Quest includes a .LIB filter which can be selected to show only files of that type to display. Windows and Mac Cocoa versions also support drag and drop so a SoundDiver .lib file can simply be dropped onto the Studio window to be imported.


Midi Quest will open and analyze the file and convert any information that it recognizes into Midi Quest SysEx. Converted SysEx is placed in a new Midi Quest Collection. From there the SysEx can be moved where ever it is required. Any SysEx in the SoundDiver file which Midi Quest does not recognize is ignored.





To be imported, SoundDiver library files must use the extension ".lib" or Midi Quest will ignore them.


Midi Quest Pro is only capable of importing SysEx stored in SoundDiver's Library format. SysEx in SoundDiver Preferences files will need to be copied into a Library before it can be imported.


Sound Quest has not tested library files created by version 2 of SoundDiver. Midi Quest may be able to import these as well, but this has not been verified.


Following is a list of notable Instrument SysEx types which Midi Quest can't import. In each case, the format in which SoundDiver stores the information internally is substantially different from the format that the instrument sends it in. For these, resources required to develop the conversion were beyond what was available. If there is an individual or individuals who are interested in creating a C++ conversion routine given two pointers to the start of the MIDI SysEx and the SysEx as stored in SoundDiver's library format, Sound Quest would be more than happy to implement the code to provide the conversion capability in Midi Quest Pro.


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