IconSet Copy to Collection Clipboard (Set Window)


Copies the entire Set to the Collection clipboard as a single entity.

This function is critical to provide Set support within Collections. Collections provide full support for Sets and each Collection can store multiple Sets.

After creating a Set, to copy it into a Collection, choose Set / Copy to Collection Clipboard then from a Collection window choose Collection / Paste. Alternately, click the mouse on the instrument icon in the upper left of the Set window, hold the mouse down, drag the mouse over the Collection and release.

note: Midi Quest 9 and 10 supported multi-instrument Sets. With Midi Quest 11 and higher, multi-instrument Sets are no longer supported. However, if an old multi-instrument Set file is copied to a the Collection clipboard then pasted into a Collection, Midi Quest is able to divide the single Set into multiple Sets, one for each instrument. The Collection is now able to maintain each Set independently.

For those interested in working with multi-instrument Sets, this can now be accomplished using the Collection.



To copy a Set into a Collection:

1.Create a new Set or load an existing Set from disk
2.Choose Set / Copy to Collection Clipboard
3.Create a new Collection or activate an existing Collection with the mouse
4.In the Collection Window choose Collection / Paste
5.The Set will be added to the Collection as an integrated Set
6.If the Set contains SysEx for multiple instruments, one Set per instrument will be added to the collection


Key Equivalent:


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one