IconEdit Insert Space (Panel Edit)


Insert Space is used to make space in an editor for new controls. This option has the advantage of being able to move both hidden and visible controls. It is ideal for creating space in an editor to add new controls without having to select every control below a certain point and move the controls down or over a given amount.

The parameters controlling the insertion of space are provided by a dialog which is opened when this option is selected


To insert space in an editor:

1.Choose Editor/Panel Edit to place the Editor in Panel Edit mode
2.Right click and choose Editor Fns/Insert Space from the popup menu
3.Complete the Insert Space dialog and press the OK button
4.Panel Edit will move all controls to insert the amount of space at the specified point.

The Insert Space Dialog


This dialog is used to determine where space is to be inserted into the editor.

Insert space at X: controls right of pixel position X are moved to the right

Insert space at Y: controls below the pixel position Y are moved down

Amount of space to insert X: specifies the number of pixels to move the controls to the right

Amount of space to insert Y: specifies the number of pixels to move the controls down

The initial Insert Space X and Y positions are determined by the location of the mouse when the menu option was selected.

Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one