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Control processors were created for internal use by Sound Quest. In a situation where we wanted to make global changes as to how a control or type of control operated, it was often easier to write a small processing utility and execute this in Midi Quest instead of making the changes to the controls manually. The result is a collection of processing options that continue to remain available although we will probably never use them again.

Setup to perform an operation is simple. To apply a process to a particular set of controls, select those controls and then choose Control Processors from the Panel popup menu. Alternately, you can apply the process to all controls simply by checking the All Control button.

Each of the options is smart so if you choose one designed specifically for Knob controls, it will not be applied to other control types even if they are selected.


The options available here are a result of these internal requirements. Most likely they will not be of use to you but just in case they are, here are a sampling of the options:

1.Bitmap controls are set to use a 2-pixel border, 7-pixel rounding with a 16-pixel upper space for displayed title
2.Bitmap controls are set to use a 2-pixel border and 7-pixel rounding
3.Text controls are centered and use Title color 6
4.Text controls are left aligned with title color 1
5.Bitmap controls are moved up 20 pixels
6.You can see the remaining options in the list


To execute a control processor:

1.Choose Editor/Panel Edit to place the Editor in Panel Edit mode
2.If desired, select one or more controls to process
3.Right click and choose Control Processors... from the popup menu to open the Control Processors dialog.
4.To process all of the controls in the panel, check the All Controls button
5.In the Control Processors dialog, select the type of process to apply to the controls
6.Press the OK button to proceed

Key equivalent:


note: key equivalents will only work when the editor view has focus. If the panel editor has been used then the focus has been shifted and key equivalents will not work. Click the mouse in the editor view to reset the focus and enable key equivalents.

Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one