MQ Timer Custom Pane (Panel Edit)

This control is unusual in that it doesn't have a display. However clicking on the control in Panel edit mode will cause it to draw a frame.

The control is used to execute operations on a regular basis. To accomplish this, its utilizes a timer. The timer is not interrupt driven so the function is not executed when another long event is taking place such as a bank sort, library sort, or other such event.

Each time a Timer event occurs, the control's Activate macro is triggered.


Timer Parameters

The Timer uses only a couple of simple parameters for control.

Timer Mode

The Timer can operate either at a fixed or variable frequency. For a fixed frequency, that frequency is set in milliseconds using the Frequency parameter. When set to variable, the contents of a specific V variable is used to determine the frequency of execution.


For a fixed frequency timer, use this parameter to specify how many milliseconds delay there is between each execution of the Activate macro..


For a variable frequency timer, specify which V variable holds the millisecond delay timer between each execution of the macro.


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one