IconEdit Text Custom Pane (Panel Edit)


The text control is used to place text labels and headings in the editor. This control provides static text which is not editable. Consequently, there is no Common Pane associated with this control.



The text to display in the control


Text Color

Specifies the color of the text. Select from one of the 16 predefined colors. This color will be mapped using the Color Map of the current Skin.


Back Color

If the Opaque option is checked, this specifies the background color used by the control


Horizontal Align

specifies where to place the text horizontally within the control. Options are: left, right, and horizontal center.


Vertical Align

specifies where to place the text vertically within the control. Options are: top, bottom, and vertical center



Normally the background of a Text control is transparent to allow the background through. If this option is checked, the background is filled using the color specified in Back Color.


Font Select

specifies the font to use when displaying this control. The control can use any one of the 8 different fonts specified in the current skin.



When checked, the corners of the control are rounded. It only makes sense to use this option when Opaque is checked or you will not be able to see the difference.

When checked, the background bitmap is specified to have a transparency color which allows elements of the background to pass through it



Text is normally drawn on a single line and positioned based on the Horizontal and Vertical Align settings. When MultiLine is checked, the text can wrap on to multiple lines. Vertical Align always uses the value "Top".


Bitmap Font Enable

Defines how text is rendered in the window.

Off - the OS text engine renders the text

On - Midi Quest renders the text using a bitmap font specified in the following two parameters

On/Transparent - Midi Quest renders the text using a bitmap font


Bitmap Font Bitmap #

Specifies the bitmap in the bitmap list to be used as the bitmap font.


Bitmap Font Transparent Color

If Bitmap Font Enable is set to On/Transparent then any pixels in the bitmap matching the color specified here are treated as transparent pixels and the color current displayed at that point in the window is retained.


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one