IconEdit Slider (Bitmap) Custom Pane (Panel Edit)

The control functions in the same way as other sliders. The difference is in how the control is displayed. Display uses the same format as a knob bitmap where a single bitmap holds all of the display states of the slider. A portion of the bitmap is displayed at a time creating the illusion of motion in the control.


Display Style

Specify whether the slider works in a horizontal or vertical direction


Slider Bitmap File

The filename of the graphic that shows all of the bitmap states. Regardless of whether the slider operates in a vertical or horizontal direction, the display states of the slider are aligned horizontally. Based on the current value of the parameter, Midi Quest determines the correct portion of the bitmap to display.


Bitmap Width

Specify the width of each partial bitmap within the larger bitmap. Midi Quest uses this value to determine which portion of the bitmap to display. This is the width of each sub bitmap..


Make Transparent

If the bitmap has a transparent color, check this option.


Transparent Color

If the bitmap has a transparent color, use this to specify the color. Any pixels with this color will be filled with the control's background instead.


Popup Parameters

see the standard Popup Parameter description


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one