MQ Note Counter Custom Pane (Panel Edit)

This control is unusual in that it doesn't have a display. However clicking on the control in Panel edit mode will cause it to draw a frame.

The control is used to count incoming note events so that something can be done after a given number of events.

Each time the counter's conditions are met, the control's Activate macro is triggered.


Note Counter Parameters

The Note Counter includes 10 parameters to control its execution..

Execute Type

This parameter determines when the Activate macro is executed. "None" chooses no execution of the macro, "On Step" calls the macro each time the counter is incremented, and "On Stop/Wrap" executes the macro when the counter stops executing or the counter wraps around.

Reset Note

When set to -1 this parameter has no effect. When set between 0 and 127, if that note is received, executing of the counter is reset...

Counter Var

Specify which V variable is used to count the number of received notes. For example, if set to "1", V1 will contain the current count.

Last Note Var

Specify which V variable is used to store the note number of the note that was last received. This allows the this control are another control to query the number of the last received note.

Map Var

The control requires four V variables to hold the current state of each note (4 variables = 4 x 32 bits = 128 bits or 1 bit per note). Specify the first of the four v-variable locations for Midi Quest to use.

Run Type

The control can either run continuously or run once depending on whether "Wrap" or ."1-shot" is selected.

Upper Note

The following 4 parameters are used to control the note and velocity range that cause the counter to increment. If the received note isn't within the specified range, it has no effect.

Set the number of the uppermost note to effect the counter.

Lower Note

Set the number of the lowermost note to affect the counter.

Upper Velocity

Set the maximum velocity level that will affect the counter

Lower Velocity

Set the minimum velocity level that will affect the counter


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one