MQ Knob Custom Pane (Panel Edit)


The knob offers a continuous rotary control using a range of bitmap and drawn options.


Knob Parameters

In all current editors, knobs are displayed using the following three parameters.

Custom Knob

Custom Knob specifies a file name for the bitmap to use as a knob.

If this entry is empty or the file doesn't exist then the control defaults back to the settings specified in the Skin. In the Bitmap Select section of the skin, find the Knob option and select it. There you will find you can assign 16 different knobs, each one associated with one of the sixteen colors assignable in Midi Quest. To access a different knob using the Skin, simple select the appropriate A Pen color (in the Common Pane) for the control.

If Custom Knob does reference a valid bitmap file Midi Quest uses this. If Midi Quest can't find a bitmap, it will use standard drawing tools to render the knob. This method is not pretty but it works should bitmaps be missing for whatever reason.

Midi Quest analyzes the bitmap it will use the render the knob. If the bitmap's width and height are identical, Midi Quest assumes that this is a single frame bitmap and it uses the entire image as the knob and draws a positional bar over the image to specify the current value of the control. More frequently, the bitmap will contain a series of images that animate the knob (see the file MQBmp\MQ9\White Knob-28.bmp as an example). In this case, Midi Quest divides the bitmap's width by its height to determine how many images there are and displays the appropriate image for the control's current value. For this system to work, it is absolutely imperative that that each knob image is the same size and that the width and height of each image are also the same.


Make Transparent

When checked the bitmap is specified to have a transparency color which allows elements of the background to pass through it


Transparent Color

Transparent Color uses a standard Color Select Dialog to select and specify the color that is considered to be transparent in the bitmap


Popup Parameters

see the standard Popup Parameter description


Old Knob Parameters

These parameters are used to specify the knob's display style when a bitmap is not being used to display the knob. We would hope that this never actually happens and that these parameters can actually be considered "legacy".


Display Pattern

Specifies the combination of A and B or C and D pens to use to create and display the knob.



Specifies whether the knob has a border frame


Border Color

Specifies the color of the knob's outer border



Specifies whether a top is displayed on the control or not.


Cap Color

Specifies the color of the knob's button.


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one