MQ Keyboard Display Custom Pane (Panel Edit)

Visually, this control is very similar to the Virtual Keyboard control. However, instead of displaying and generating MIDI events, it is used to set parameters that are best visualized using a keyboard.

The processing of this control is different from all other controls. The control uses all of the Common macros: Activate, Retrieve, Store, and Transmit. When these macros are called, normally the X variable contains the value. In this case, the X variable contains the value 0, 1, or 2. "0" indicates the macro is being called on a left mouse click. "1" indicates the mouse is being dragged, "2" indicates that this is a Mouse Up event. The V-Variable specifies which element of the keyboard the control wants informaiton on.

It is completely up to the programmer, you, to determine the operation of this control The retrieve macro must return "0" to specify that the requested key is in the "up" position or "1" to indicate down.

In the store macro, you decide the behavior. The v-variable contains the note that is relevant. It is up to you to determine the current value and what to change it to if you want to change it.


Keyboard Display Parameters

The first six parameter of the Keyboard display are identical to the Virtual Keyboard. Please see this control for bitmap configuration information

Report Drag

When checked, the retrieve and store macros are called while the mouse is being dragged after a left click

Report Up

Mouse Up events result in calls to the Retrieve and Store macros

Note Display Offset

Offset value so that the keyboard displays correctly

Lower Octaves

Specify the number of octaves to be displayed using the Lower bitmaps

V- Variable

Specify the V variable used to transfer information to the control's macros

Clean Left Edge

If the left edge of the control is not displaying properly, check this option

Clean Right Edge

If the right edge of the control is not displaying properly, check this option


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one