MQ Help Button Custom Pane (Panel Edit)


The Help control is intended to provide quick access to a location in a manual in order to assist with patch creation. The intent is to provide access to manufacturers manuals explaining the programming of particular parameters in the editor.

At present only pdf files are supported although other file formats may be supported in the future.

On Windows computers Midi Quest is able to display a particular page in the pdf manual.

On the Macintosh, Midi Quest is only able to open the file, any specified page number is ignored.

Due to limitations in the pdf viewer, in order to reach a particular page, the manual can not be open and the time the user clicks on the button to open the editor. If it is, the manual will remain on the current page. In this case, to reach a particular page, first close the manual then press the button.

This control is only active when running the editor in Midi Quest Pro. The control is automatically hidden when the editor is used in Midi Quest or Midi Quest Essentials.


Bitmap File

If a bitmap file is specified, the graphic is used to represent the control instead of the stock bitmap.The file must be located in the same folder as the editor .sqt file.

Help File

The name of the help file to open with the control. This file must be located in the same folder as the .sqt editor.

Help Type

The type of help file. Current fixed to pdf.

Page Number

The page number in the file to open to (supported on Windows only).


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one