MQ Custom Custom Pane (Panel Edit)


The Custom Control is currently used exclusively by Sound Quest to access custom written dlls (Windows) and dylibs (Macintosh) that render custom graphics for a particular editor as well as optionally provide an interactive interface. This control is used extensively in the Korg Kronos editor allowing displays unique to this instrument to be displayed in the editor.

At present the dll/dylib interface required to create these controls is not documented so custom controls can't be created.


Custom Dll

Enter only the name of the custom dll file which contains the code to run the custom dll.

Do not include a .dll or .dylib extension. Midi Quest will add these as appropriate for the environment that the editor is being run in.

To be found, code files must be stored in the appropriate sub-directory of the instrument modules folder as follows:

Windows x86: Win32 folder

Windows x64: Win64 folder

Mac OSX: MacOS folder


Local Vars

Each custom control includes 20 local variables. These variable settings are accessible to the custom code and are used to define the operation of the custom control. This allows external parameter to control the operation of the control and, where appropriate, allows a single code source to handle multiple controls.

For example, two parameters requiring the same basic display but having different ranges and locations in the SysEx could be set up as one custom control where the local variables specify the offset to access the SysEx along with minimum and maximum value ranges.


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one