MQ Search and Replace... (OSC Editor)


This option provides search and replace capabilities for the Name and Command parameters of the OSC controls.

When executed, this function searches the text in all controls on all pages in the OSC layout and when a match is found, the text is replaced.

This feature is extremely useful in the case where an editor is shared between two instrument drivers. An example is the Roland JV-80 where seven patches are used in Performance mode. The only difference between these seven editor is the driver ID which allows the editor to determine the correct addressing to use with the instrument. Since the driver ID is a critical part of the OSC command messages, a command message to update control 50 in Part 1 Patch would look like this


while the command for the same control in Part 2 is


Notice that there is only a single difference: "ID2339" vs "ID2340".

In practical terms, this means that you developed a remote editor for the JV-80's Part 1 Patch, all you would need to do to create an equivalent editor for the Part 2 Patch editor would be to create a copy of  the OSC Layout and perform a search and replace with the search being "ID2339" and the replace being "ID2340". The new OSC editor would then be able to remote control the JV-80's Part 2 Patch.



To perform a search and replace:


1.Choose OSC Editor / Search and Replace
2.In the Search and Replace dialog, enter the text to search for
3.Enter the the replacement text
4.Determine whether to search in the control's name, the control's command text, or both
5.Press the OK button to perform the search and replace


The Search and Replace Dialog


The Search and Replace Dialog displays and edits all of the parameters required for each OSC control.

Search: enter the text to search for. There must be at least one character of text to perform a search and replace

Replace; enter the text to replace the search text with when there is a match

in control name: check to perform a search and replace on the control's name text

in control command: check to perform a search and replace on the control's command text


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one