MQ Control Properties... (OSC Editor)


Opens a dialog to display and edit the properties for the currently selected control..



To edit a control's properties:


1.Select the control to edit
2.Double click on the control or
3.Choose OSC Editor / Control Properties... to open the Control's Properties dialog
4.Make any desired changes and press the OK button


The Control Properties Dialog


The Control Properties Dialog displays and edits all of the parameters required for each OSC control.

Name: The name of the control. This is initially the same as the name assigned to the Midi Quest control

Command: This is the command that is sent by TouchOSC, Lemur, or any other OSC enabled application in order to remotely edit Midi Quest controls. For more information, please see the description of OSC support

Position: The four parameters necessary to specify the control's position on the page as well as its width and height

Range: Specifies the minimum and maximum linear range of the control. This should match the range of the control as used in Midi Quest. There may be situations where you would like the range to be smaller than the maximum range supported in Midi Quest but it is important that the specified minimum value not be lower and the maximum value not be higher than those used in Midi Quest

Type: Specifies the type of control. Selections are currently limited to the following: knob, label, fader, toggle, push button

Color: specifies the color of the control and is more important in the creation of TouchOSC layouts.

Inverted: reverses the operation of the control on the iPad (if supported)


Key Equivalent:


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one