MQ VST Paths (Options Menu)


This page specifies VST 2.4 paths for Windows.

Midi Quest Pro only


VST Paths is where you specify the locations of your VST Plug-ins folders. You may have one or many depending on the number of VST hosts installed on your computer.

This setup area is critical when using Midi Quest as a VST plug-in and allows the following operations to be performed...

Instrument Specific Plug-ins. Midi Quest Pro supports the creation of instrument specific VST plug-ins (see the VST section for more information on these). When a new VST instrument is created by the Studio window, the instrument is added to each of the paths specified here so that it can be used by each VST host.

If you do not specify the paths to your various host's VSTPlugins directories, it will not be possible to use Midi Quest as a VST plug-in.

Windows note: if a default VST path has been assigned by DAW only your system, that path will automatically be assigned as a VST path.


To add a VST Path to the VST Paths listing:

1.Press the Add button
2.Use the Folder selector to select a VSTPlugins folder


To remove a VST Path from the VST Paths list

1.Select the VST Path to remove
2.Press the Remove button
3.The selected path is removed from the list
4.The registered Midi Quest VST dll is removed from the folder


When adding VST paths, in order to make the "VST" options available in the "Plugins" tab, you must press the Apply button.


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one