MQ Set Editor Colors (Options/Skins Menu)


Allows the 16 color color scheme used by the Editors to be modified. When finished, the color in all editors is updated.

This dialog is


To change the colors used by the Editors:

1.Click the Color Map button in the Midi Quest Skins dialog.
2.Use the Editor Color Setup dialog to select the colors to use in the editors
3.Press OK to accept the changes


Set Patch Colors

The Color Setup dialog



The Color Assign dialog


Set Editor Colors... opens a dialog which controls the basic 16 color display used by a particular skin. With this dialog it is possible to reassign any color used by an Editor. If you wish all text that is displayed in blue to be displayed as dark green, it is as simple as opening this dialog, and replacing blue with dark green. This provides an easy way to change all of your editors without specifically modifying any editor.


1.Choose Options/Edit Patch Skins.... and press Color Map in the Skins dialog
2.The Color Setup dialog (as pictured above) will appear
3.In the dialog are each of the currently assigned 16 colors.
4.To change an assigned color, click on its button
5.The Color Assign dialog (as pictured above) will appear for the selected color
6.Use this dialog to select a new color and press OK
7.When finished assigning colors in the Color Setup dialog press OK

Note: if a color is selected in the Color Assign dialog which is not part of the current palette, the closest available color will appear in the editor.