MQ Misc Preferences (Options Menu)


No File Extensions In Registry

Normally, Midi Quest will automatically add links in the registry for every file extension that the program uses. This can include many extensions as each type of SysEx for an instrument has its own unique extension along with the standard extensions for Libraries, Collections, and Sets.

After this option is enabled, the program will no longer add references these references. The "Utilities/Uninstall Preparation" will allow you to remove most of the program's registry references.

Default: Off

Auto Save and Reload Session

When checked, Midi Quest automatically saves the current desktop under the name "Default.SQW" when exiting Midi Quest. This desktop will be then be reloaded the next time Midi Quest is run.

If you don't with to load the default desktop on a one-time basis, you can hold down the CTRL key while you start Midi Quest. This will stop the desktop from being loaded.

Default: On


Auto Save Open Files

If this option is checked then every n minutes, Midi Quest will automatically save all open files to disk. In order for each the file to be saved, it must have a valid path and file name so new files with the "New" file name designation are not saved.

Default: Off

Default: 1 minutes



Windows only option.

This parameter specifies the background to use

Default: none


Display Application Control Bar

Midi Quest has a main application control bar which you can choose to display or hide if you wish to make more space available for your editors. changes to this setting take effect the next time the program is run. This is a Window only option.

Default: Off


OSC Editor

The OSC editor is used to layout iPad control editor for TouchOSC and Lemur that can be used to control Midi Quest through the use of OSC command language (Open Sound Control). These two applications use slight different rules for configuring layouts. Use this option to specify whether you will be designing layouts for TouchOSC or Lemur and the program will impose the appropriate limits.

Default: TouchOSC



Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest

CheckYes(supports a subset of these parameters)

Midi Quest Essentials

CheckYes(supports a subset of these parameters)

Midi Quest one

CheckYes(supports a subset of these parameters)