MQ Transmit MIDIX (.SYX) File (MIDI Menu)


Transmit MIDIX File sends a MIDIX (.syx) format file directly from disk to an instrument.

With this function you can use the program to transmit Patches stored in MIDIX format to an instrument. These files may have been obtained from other sources such as the internet, BBSs or from 3rd party sound manufacturers.

Midi Quest is able to directly import and edit most .syx files for instruments that it supports. Drag and drop the file into the Studio window and Midi Quest will import it into the appropriate editor. In cases where the file can't be directly imported, the SysEx can be transmitted to the instrument and then Midi Quest's component drivers can be used to load the SysEx back into Midi Quest.

While it may not be possible to directly open and edit these files with Midi Quest, it is always possible to transmit the SysEx to the instrument. If the Midi Quest is capable of storing or editing the instrument's SysEx, you can use the instrument module to reload the SysEx. Additionally, any MIDIX format file can be transmitted regardless of whether the program supports the instrument or not.


1.Choose MIDI/MIDIX from Disk to Instrument.
2.Use the File Selector to choose the MIDIX (.syx) file to load and transmit
3.A MIDI OUT Port selection dialog is displayed
4.Use it to select which port to output the SysEx to

Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one