IconLib Load All Banks and Patches (Library Window)


This function provides an extremely fast way to build or update a library.

When this option is selected, Midi Quest will automatically analyse all files stored in the instrument's storage folder (eg. for the M1, the Documents/Sound Quest/MidiQuest/M1 folder is searched). All individual Patches and Patch Banks containing the same type of SysEx are loaded and incorporated into the library.

Midi Quest will automatically ensure that no duplicates are added to the library.

If you perform this function on an existing Library, the only Patches added to the Library are those which are not already in the Library. These is an extremely fast method for only loading those Patches found in the directory that are not currently in the Library

This is an extremely easy method of updating your Library so that it contains all of the patches for an instrument.


To add all patches from either individual Patch files or Patch Bank files to the current library:

1.Choose Library/Disk/Load all Patches and Banks.

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Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one