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Copy is one of two methods of placing Patches into the Library Clipboard. Copy makes a duplicate of the selected Library Patches. It attaches the copies to the Library Clipboard so that they may be pasted into the same Library or a different one of the same type.

Copy provides an easy way to duplicate a Patch before editing the copy. If you wish to create a new Patch based on an existing Patch, copy the Patch to the Library Clipboard using Library/Copy. Next, use Library/Paste to paste the copy of the Patch back into the Library. The copied Patch may now be edited without destroying the original.

Note 1: Before adding the components to the Library Clipboard, the program deletes any Patches currently stored there.

Note 2: Remember that the Library does have a filter option that can block the addition of Patches to a library. If the filter is set to block duplicates then copying a Patch to the clipboard and selected paste in the same library will fail.



To copy Patches and place it in the Library Clipboard:

1.Select one or more Patches to copy
2.Choose Library/Copy

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Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one