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About the Editor Window

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Editors are the core of Midi Quest's parameter editing capabilities. The editors allow you to change the values of individual parameters contained within the Patch SysEx such as volume levels, panning, envelopes, etc. Each Editor is custom designed to match the architecture of the instrument. An M1 Editor will look significantly different from the Proteus' Preset Editor shown above. Editors allow you to radically change or tweak sounds, design new multi-timbral configurations, Performances, or Combis, set up drums, modify an instrument's System Setup, or change just about any instrument parameter accessible via SysEx.


For information on editing the parameters in an editor, please see: Editing Parameters
For information on selecting parameters in an editor, please see Selecting Parameters
For information on auditioning the Patch, please see Setting the RMB MIDI Channel
For information on viewing Patch names in Combi/Multi Editors, see: Viewing Patch Names
For information on creating or modifying editor panels, see Panel Editing

A Patch in an Editor can be dragged and dropped between the Editor and other windows in the program. For more information, please see Dragging and Dropping.

Key Commands

"Shift+Esc" cancels any drag from an Editor window to another window currently in progress

"Ctrl+Left click" on a control sets that control to its inital value

"Ctrl+right click" (Mac: control+command+click) turns the editor into a virtual MIDI keyboard. The position of the mouse determines the MIDI note generated where the x (left/right) position determines pitch and y (up/down) position determines MIDI velocity.

Direct Import of SysEx from .SYX and .MID Files

The easiest way to import SysEx from .SYX and .MID files is to drag and drop them onto the Studio window. If, however, SysEx needs to be imported directly into an existing editor and the file contains compatible SysEx, it can be dragged, dropped, for importing directly into the editor. (note: that while this is true for most types of SysEx, there will be exceptions. If the SysEx in the .SYX or .MID file will not import, try dropping the file into the Studio window.) This feature is only available in Midi Quest and Midi Quest Pro.

The Editor Menu

The Editor contains functions to assist in editing your instrument's Patches and other SysEx. These functions are all contained in the Editor menu. The Editor menu is accessed by right clicking (Mac cmd-click) the mouse over an Editor window or if the the editor is displayed in its own window, by activating the window.


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one