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This option only found in the Editor Window context menu (accessed using a right click) and only appears when working with Banks and Patches within a Set. It is used to store an edited Patch back to its original location in a bank.

Double clicking on a Patch in a Bank opens the Patch in the appropriate parameter editor in the Set so it can be edited. While editing the Patch, no changes are made to the bank. When editing is complete, to store the edited Patch back to the same location in the Bank, choose Store. Alternately, choose Store In to store the edited Patch in a different location and keep the original.

Option: Holding down the CTRL key while choosing Store from the Editor menu will both store the Patch to the bank (as described above) and store the updated Patch to the instrument. (note: for this option to work correctly, the instrument must support individually addressable bank locations. For those instruments that require the entire bank be sent to update a single Patch, this option is ignored)



To save the current edited state of a Patch back to its original location in a bank,

(1) Choose Editor/Store


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one


See Also: Store In