IconEdit Selecting Parameters (Editor Window)


Several of the functions provided in the Editor menu operate on the selected parameters in an Editor. These include: Copy, Copy Selected Parameters to..., Paste, Forced Fill, Randomize, %Randomize and a number of the template editing functions.

Use Editor/Clear All Selected Parameters to unselect the selected parameters.


To select a group of parameters:

1.In Preferences / Patch Edit, un-check "Activate on Mouse Over"
2.Hold down the alt key
3.Click the mouse above and to the left of the parameter group you wish to select
4.Holding the button down, drag the mouse around the parameters you wish to select
5.While dragging, a selector box will encircle these parameters
6.Release the mouse and each selected parameter will be encircled with a green border

You may selected additional parameters by repeating the above steps while holding down the ALT and SHIFT keys.

To select an individual parameter:

1.You may also toggle the select state of individual parameters by ALT-SHIFT-clicking on the parameter.
2.Each click will toggle the select state of the parameter.


Hold down the ALT key
Point the mouse above and to the left of the first parameter of the group to select


(2) Hold down the left mouse button and drag so that the upper left corner of the parameters you wish to select are encircled

(3) An encircling box is drawn to show which parameters will be selected


(4) Release the mouse button and the selected parameters will be encircled in green


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one