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Configures the automation of parameter editing using continuous controllers.

Each control in a Midi Quest editor can be assigned to a specific continuous controller (CC) and an NRPN value. When CC values for the specified controller or NRPN are received, they are mapped to a value within the control's parameter value range. The control is then set to the new value specified by the controller and the appropriate SysEx message is sent to the instrument to update it.

These menu options act as a three way switch. Select Learn CCs, Learn NRPNs, or off to disable learning.

When Learn CCs is enabled, select a control in the Midi Quest interface and then move the continuous controller on your keyboard or other device that you wish to use to control the parameter. A message will be displayed as follows:


Respond "Yes" to assign the CC number, in this case "CC 16" to the parameter "Channel 8 Output Level".

Once this assignment is made, incoming CC 16 values will edit the "Channel 8 Output Level.

When Learn NRPNs is enabled, select a control in the Midi Quest interface and then move a hardware controller that has been assigned to an NRPN value. A message similar to the one above will be displayed. Respond "Yes" to make the assignment.


To assign a CC (continuous controller) to edit a particular editor parameter:

1.Select Editor / Remote Control - Learn / Learn CCs from the menus so that the option is checked
2.Select a parameter in the editor to assign a CC number to
3.Move the CC controller on your hardware to generate a CC message
4.Respond "Yes" to the assignment verification request
5.To edit the parameter using the continuous controller, turn off Learn mode

Technical Notes

note 1) The CC and NRPN editing system has one major limitation. For this system to work, the instrument being controlled must support SysEx editing of individual parameters. If it doesn't, you will not be able to assign a CC or NRPN value to the controls in that editor. The reason is that these instruments need to perform an entire SysEx dump to update the instrument. Sending an entire bulk dump for each CC received would overload the input buffer of the receiving synthesizer.

note 2) The CC and NRPN assignments you create are stored in an ini file in the instrument data folder. To clear the assignments, either open the file (it's a text file) and delete the appropriate assignment lines or delete the entire file. The file will be the same name as the editor so if you have made assignments in a Multi editor, look for a file called "multi.ini". Double click to open it. The "CC" block lists the control IDs and the CC number they are assigned to so you can look for a particular CC number and delete that line to remove the assignment.

note 3) Some editors will come with pre-assigned CC numbers. This allows the editor to automatically respond to expected incoming CC values. Making a "Learn" CC assignment will automatically over-ride the pre-assigned CC value for a given parameter and allow you to use one of your own choosing. Deleting the learned CC assignment, as described in note 1), will cause Midi Quest to revert to the original CC assignment.

Key Equivalent:

Learn CC: Ctrl+L
Learn NRPN: Alt+Ctrl+L
Learn Off: Shift+Ctrl+L

Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one