IconEdit Get <SysEx> from <Instrument> (Editor Window)


This function allows you to reload a patch directly into an editor.

This function is particularly useful under several conditions. You may be working on a patch and have made several edits on the synthesizer instead of the editor. You can use this function to load the patch from the instrument directly into the editor.

In situations where the instrument internally changes a number of parameters as a result of changing a different parameter you can reload the SysEx to ensure that the editor and synthesizer are in sync. An example of this situation is when a new effect is selected in the M1 Patch.

This function is found in the MIDI menu and Patch editor context menu and Midi Quest will automatically replace "SysEx" with the type of SysEx that it will load. For example, if an Korg M1 Program editor is active, the menu item will read "Get Korg M1 Program from Instrument". If a Yamaha Motif Voice editor is being used, the menu item will read "Get Yamaha Motif Voice from Instrument"



To load a patch from an instrument directly into the current editor:

1.Choose Editor/Get SysEx from Instrument

Key Equivalent:


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one