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Copy Selected Parameters To copies the values of one or more selected parameters from the current Patch to one or more Patches in a Bank Window or Library. In essence, this is a Global Editing function where particular changes can be made to a Patch and these changes can then be assigned to a series of other Patches.

This function is ideal for applying new effects settings or changes in velocity sensitivity to a number of different Patches without having to edit each Patch individually.


1.Select the parameters in the Editor you wish to copy to other Patches
2.Select the Patches in a Bank Window or Library that are to receive the parameters' values
3.Return to the Editor, choose Editor/Copy Selected Parameters to...
4.A dialog will appear listing the possible destination patches to which the selected parameters are to be applied
5.Select the destination and press the OK button
6.Midi Quest will edit each selected destination patch so that it takes on the same parameter values

An error is displayed if the selected Bank Window or Library does not itself have any selected Patches.

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Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one


See also: Selecting Parameters