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This option is used to copy a logical portion of a patch, such as an envelope or oscillator, from one patch to another. For example, you could copy the envelope settings from oscillator 1 to oscillator 2.

Each available block must be defined on a per editor basis so you will find that different editors for different instruments will have different options. In addition, Midi Quest will only display destinations that are appropriate for the source so you will never be presented with the option of copying an envelope to a set of pitch parameters.

The Block Copy interface is designed so that you can copy a single source to as many potential destinations as you wish. For example, copy Osc 1 envelope to Osc 2, 3, and 4 envelopes or the Osc 3 envelope to Osc 1, 2, and 4. You can copy the information to an internal clipboard so that the block may be pasted into another patch. You can also copy any block to disk as a "template" that is accessible any time in the future as the starting point for working on a sound. Finally,  if you select a single source and destination, you have the option of swapping the parameters instead of performing a copy/paste operation.

Shared Templates. Starting with Midi Quest 11, blocks can shared between different types of SysEx. For example, if an instrument uses an effects module that is identical in two or more different types of SysEx, it is possible to share this SysEx between the editors. Save a favorite effect in one editor as a template and load it into the other editor as a source. One example of this is the Korg Kronos which uses the same effects structure in both Programs and Combis. The Block Copy Swap interface allows SysEx to be easily shared between the two editors.

Midi Quest Pro only: Along with the dialog interface described below, Midi Quest Pro features a second interface for accessing and using block copy information. When block copy information information is available in a given editor, that editor will have small circular buttons representing the various SysEx blocks within the graphic display of the editor. Clicking on the button will provide a pop-up menu that lists the available block copy options. This option offers more immediacy but only allows one source and one destination at a time where the dialog offers the advantage of multiple destinations. Additional information can be found by clicking here.

For example using the DX7 Voice editor, the following configuration copy will copy Operator 2 to operators 3 and 5:


The following configuration will swap operators 2 and 3:


This next configuration will copy the oscillator envelope to the clipboard. Notice that with an envelope source selected, the available destination options are completely different:


After operator 4's envelope has been copies to the clipboard, selecting Block Copy from the same or different DX7 Voice editor will display the following:


Notice that there is a new entry listing the Operator 4's envelope as a template source. This envelope can be pasted into any matching destination.


To copy a block of parameters from one location to another within the same patch:

1.Choose Editor/Block Copy
2.From the "Copy from" list, select the source you would like to copy
3.Based on the source block, Midi Quest will display the available destinations
4.Select as many destinations as you wish from the "Copy to" list
5.Press the ok button to copy

Alternately, choose one "Copy to" location and you can check the "Swap" option to swap the contents of the two locations.


To copy a block or parameters from one location in a patch to another location in another patch

1.Choose Editor/Block Copy
2.From the "Copy from" list, select the source you would like to copy
3.From the "Copy to" list, select the "Clipboard" option
4.Press the "OK" button to copy the block to Midi Quest's internal clipboard
5.Activate the Editor Window where you intend to copy the block to
6.Choose Editor/Block Copy
7.From the "Copy from" list, select "Clipboard"
8.Based on the source block, Midi Quest will display the available destinations
9.Select as many destinations as you wish from the "Copy to" list
10.Press the ok button to copy


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