MQ Disk Access Error Creating File MQ11.SQ9


This error is, unfortunately, fairly common on Macintosh systems and results from disk permissions that are not correctly set. This is not a Midi Quest issue but an OS issue and there are a number of different ways that the problem can be solved depending whether the OS disk tools are able to correct the issue easily or not.

Verify that the folders exist

Midi Quest attempts to create the appropriate folders for it to save data to disk. However, if the OS blocks the folder creation commands then the required folders will not exist.

Look in the Documents folder and there should be a folder called "Sound Quest". If there isn't one, create it. (Do not include the quotes)

Inside the "Sound Quest" folder create the following folder if it is not there

 For Midi Quest Pro, create "MidiQuestPro"

 For Midi Quest, create "MidiQuest"

 For Midi Quest Essentials, create "MidiQuestEssentials"

Once this is done, try Midi Quest again and see whether the error continues to occur


Repair disk permissions

It is a reasonably common occurrence for files and folders on a Mac drive to end up with incorrect permissions. This can effect a program's ability to save files to disk. If folders have successfully been created and saving the MQ11.CFG file continues to fail then repair the disk permissions.

This is typically done with the Mac OS software called "Disk Utility" found in the Applications/Utilities folder. Run the software and run "Repair Disk Permissions". Test Midi Quest.

If this does not fix the problem, you can try alternate Apple repair routine described here.

There is also third party software such as ONYX which is capable of correcting permissions problems where the Apple applications are not able to.


Create an alternate location to save Midi Quest data

If none of the above works, there is a more technical solution available.

1. Quit Midi Quest if it is running

2. In the Finder app, create a new folder at the root of your hard drive called "MidiQuest" (don't include quotes)

3. In the Finder app, go to the folder <username>/Library/Preferences (note: some releases of the Mac OS hide the Library folder, there are many sites online which describe how to show this folder on an OS version specific basis)

4. Find the file "Sound Quest Preferences.ini" in the Preferences folder

5. Right click on the file and choose "Open with/TextEdit" to open the file in a text editor

6. Once the file opens in TextEdit, you will find a line in the file which should appear like this:

"Data Path(32)=<hard drive name>:Users:<username>:Documents:Sound Quest:MidiQuest"

7. Change this text to read

"Data Path(32)=<hard drive name>:MidiQuest"

8. Save the modified Sound Quest Preferences.ini file

9. Run Midi Quest. This should stop the error and allow files to be saved.

10. Note: at step 2, you can actually create a folder using any name you want as long as the path and name are correctly entered in step 7.


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one