MQ Demo Limitations


Midi Quest demos can be downloaded from Sound Quest's web site at


Demos are a completely separate application from the full release versions of Midi Quest. They can't be upgraded to the full version of Midi Quest. After purchasing Midi Quest, installing the full release version will overwrite the demo version.


Midi Quest demos don't expire. There is no need to be concerned that the demo will stop working before a decision to purchase has been made.


The following limitations apply to the demo versions of Midi Quest or if a full version of Midi Quest is missing its license:


1) No SysEx saves or exports

2) No SysEx bulk dumps from Midi Quest to MIDI devices except for auditioning patches from a bank and transferring edits from an editor to a MIDI device. This includes no "Recall" in plug-ins since recall is a SysEx bulk dump from the plug-in to the instrument.

3) When testing an instrument editor, parameter edits for the first 8 parameters edited are sent to the instrument as long as editing uses individual parameter update messages. Edits made to additional parameters are displayed on the screen but not sent to the instrument. Instruments which only offer editing via complete patch bulk dump offer no editing capabilities in demo mode

4) Patch Zone - only the first patch in the list can be auditioned

5) Midi Quest Pro only - plug-ins have no parameter automation output. Automation can be recorded, displayed and edited but not output

6) no support for CC and NRPN remote editing

7) Only the first two patches in a library can be selected for editing or auditioning

8) Only the first two entries in a collection can be selected for editing or auditioning

9) Only the first four entries in a bank can be opened in a patch editor for editing

10) Only the first four entries in a bank can be auditioned