MQ Template Load Errors (Common Errors)

There are four possible errors loading a template. If there is an error indicating that the file is not found:

(1) The editor template has not been installed

This error is possible if the editor template has not been installed, for instance, you obtain a SysEx file from a colleague and load it.into the program. The file will load into a Collection or into a Bank Window if it is a Bank, even if the instrument has not been installed. However, any attempt to open an editor will fail because the necessary module files are not there.

(2) There is no editor file for the type of data selected

It is possible for an editor to not be on the disk for two reasons. First, the editor has been intentionally or unintentionally erased. Without the editor on the disk, an error will result

Alternately, a driver could have been developed and a Editor name assigned without an editor ever having been developed for the instrument. In this case, the program will look for the editor on the disk and then fail because the editor is again not there.

(3) The path to access the instrument editors is incorrect

When the program is installed, a file called SQ.INI is created in your windows directory. In this file is a path to the program's INSTR directory. If you have installed to the C: drive and used the suggested directory names, the path would be C:\MQUEST\INSTR. If the program is subsequently moved to a different drive or the installed directory renamed this path will become invalid. To correct this problem either reinstall the program so that the correct path is automatically created or edit the SQ.INI file with the NOTEPAD program included with windows and correct the path reference.

(4) There is insufficient memory available to load the editor

This error should be extremely rare under Windows. If it does occur you will need to free memory by closing other programs or closing some of the windows currently open in the program.


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