MQ Settings Dialog (Common Elements)



About the Settings Dialog

The Settings Dialog contains the basic settings or properties for each SysEx message managed in Midi Quest.

The dialog is context sensitive. That is to say, it only displays the pages or tabs that are relevant based on where the dialog is opened from.

Studio Window: When the Settings dialog is opened from the Studio window there are pages that relate to communicating with with the instrument but no pages related to properties.

SysEx Windows: When the Settings dialog is opened from a window containing SysEx such as a Set, Bank, Patch, or Collection, the reverse is typically true. The Settings dialog will contain pages related to setting the properties for the SysEx such as tags and comments. Typically, the pages rated to communication are not displayed because this is controlled from the Studio window. An exception occurs with the Settings is displayed for a device which is currently not loaded in the Studio. In this case, both types of pages area displayed so that communication between the MIDI device and Midi Quest can occur.

Plug-ins: The Settings Dialog can be opened from two locations in Midi Quest plug-ins. For standard plug-ins with the component selection strip down the left hand side, press the Settings button on the button bar. For custom editors which don't have the selection strip, right click (Mac control-click) in the editor window, a context menu will appear with an "Open Settings..." option near the bottom of the menu.

When finished, to store the changes made in the Settings dialog, press the OK button.

The following pages are available depending on where the dialog is opened from and the state of Midi Quest:

MIDI Setup
Patch Bay
MIDI Channel
Plug-in Setup


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one