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Midi Quest Pro only


When Midi Quest Pro is used as a plug-in (VST3, VST2, AU, MFX, or Studio Connection interface), it is possible to open a single Collection within the Set's plug-in interface. This Collection window is different from those found in the standalone version of Midi Quest but are fully file compatible. The Collection is intended to provide a location where SysEx can be easily stored for future use.


Set-Plugin Collection


In a plug-in, the Collection window opens on the right hand side of editing interface and since most plug-in interfaces use a fixed window size, the Collection will consume part of the existing interface area as can be seen in the above example.



Using the Collection


The Collection is intended to be a storage area. As a result, the following options are available:


Store SysEx in the Collection by dragging and dropping it from a bank editor or ALT-dragging and dropping from a parameter editor.


Move SysEx from the Collection into the Set by dragging and dropping the SysEx into a specific location in a bank or into a Parameter editor. To successfully move the SysEx it must be of the same type. (You can't drag and drop a Program into a Combi bank)


The Collection is Parent/Child (see Parent/Child relationships) aware so when dragging a Patch with links to child Patches into a Collection, the child SysEx will also be copied. The reverse is also true. When dragging a Patch from a Collection into the Set, the child Patches are also copied if available.


Single clicking on an entry in the Collection will audition the SysEx to the instrument (same as Midi Quest)


Double clicking on an entry in the Collection will copy the SysEx into the appropriate parameter editor in the Set.



Differences between a Midi Quest Collection and a Plug-in Collection


The plug-in has been modified to consume a very small area. There are only two columns in the interface, the name and type of the SysEx. This was done intentionally to give the editor as much area as possible while still providing access to a flexible storage area.


The collection is used only as a storage area. It is not possible to edit SysEx stored in the Collection.


The collection can't store banks, it can only store individual Patches. Dragging and dropping a bank's worth of patches into the Collection will result in them being stored individually where in Midi Quest, the entire bank would be stored as a single item.



Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one