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Load Patch/Bank and Link is very similar to Load A Set/Patch/Bank. Both are used to bring SysEx into the Collection. Load a Set/Patch/Bank and Link, however, does not actually store the SysEx in the Collection, it just stores a reference to the SysEx on disk. This means that any changes made to the source SysEx on disk is automatically reflected in the Collection. It also means that if the SysEx file on disk is erased, it will not be available to the Collection and will be removed!

Linking SysEx into Collections, Sets, and Libraries is an extremely effective method of SysEx management for several reasons. First, Banks and other large SysEx dumps need only be saved to disk once. Each Collection, Set, or Library can then link to the SysEx file so there is only one copy of the SysEx stored instead of one copy per Collection, Set and Library that uses it. Second, since there is only one SysEx file, all changes to that SysEx are reflected in each of the linked Collections and Libraries. This will save you substantial organizing time. Imagine having five different Collections and Libraries that are all supposed to use the same SysEx. If you were to change the SysEx, it would then be necessary to find all of the Collections and Libraries that use the same SysEx and update them. With Link a Patch/Bank, it all happens automatically.


To link one or more SysEx files:

1.Choose Collection/Load Patch/Bank and Link
2.A File Selector is displayed
3.Choose the SysEx to be linked to the Collection (multiple SysEx entries can be selected)
4.Hold down the CTRL key to select multiple files then press the OK button

Key Equivalent:


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one