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Each time the bank is edited, be it using cut, copy, paste, patch edit, and so on,  Midi Quest can automatically make a backup of the current state of the bank so that you can undo the change. There are an infinite number of undo levels (limited by computer memory). To undo the change, simply select the Bank/Undo option. It is possible to undo all the way back to the original unedited bank.

The option Keep Backup determines whether backups are created or not. The option must be checked in Preferences for the Undo menu option to be available. It is found in Options/Preferences/Bank Edit


To undo the last change:

(1) Choose Bank Edit/Undo

(2) Verify the undo operation

Key Equivalent:


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one