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There are five different ways to create new Patches in the Bank Window: Mix, Mix All, Blend, Gen4, and Morph. The three discussed here are Mix, Mix All, and Blend. In each case, an entirely new Bank of Patches is created from the selected Patches. You can quickly try out these new Patches in your music by auditioning them. You don't need to know a thing about programming your instrument.

The following is an explanation of how the Mix, Mix All and Blend functions work:

Mix creates a new Bank of Patches by randomly picking parameters from two selected Patches. When this option is selected, a dialog is displayed to allow the selection of a bias.


If the bar is fully left, the odds will be very high that each parameter will be selected from the left patch, if fully right the results will be biased towards the right patch, and in the center there will be a equal probability of a parameter value being selected from either of the two patches.

Mix All creates a new Bank of Patches by randomly picking parameters from all selected Patches. The probability of the parameter coming from each of the selected Patches is equal. Therefore, if 2 Patches are selected, the chance is 50% that the parameter value will come from either Patch. If four Patches are selected, there is a 25% chance that the parameter will be selected from each Patch, and so on. Each new patch is a random combination of the selected Patches.

Blend works exactly the same as Mix except that it combines larger chunks of SysEx from each Patch thus maintaining more of their overall aural characteristics.

Each of these functions is intended to create new sounds. As a result, these options are only active in bank editors for components which are tagged as sound generators.

ROM banks: To mix or blend patches from a ROM bank, the patches must first be copied to a RAM bank



To Mix or Blend Patches:

1.Select a Patch
2.Hold down the CNTRL key and select a second Patch
3.Choose Bank Edit/Randomize/Mix to Mix the 2 Patches or

Choose the Blend button or Bank Edit/Randomize/Blend to Blend the 2 Patches

To Mix All Patches

1.Select two or more Patches
2.Choose the Mix button or Bank Edit/Randomize/Mix All to Mix the Patches


To `Mix' or `Blend' Patches 7 and 12

Click the mouse on Patch 7
Hold the CNTRL key and click on Patch 12


Choose Bank Edit/Randomize/Mix, or Bank Edit/Randomize/Blend
The results would be the two following Banks, a Mix Bank and a Blend Bank



To Mix All' Patches:

Select the Patches you wish to mix
Choose the Mix All button or Bank Edit/Mix All


`Mix All' randomly picks parameters from ALL selected Patches

Post Randomization

Once all of the new patches have been created, one of two things will happen. In Midi Quest or Midi Quest Pro, a new bank containing the patches will be created for auditioning and saving. In Midi Quest Essentials and Midi Quest one, the new patches are opened in a new Set where they can be auditioned and experimented with.


Key Equivalent:

Mix: Shift+Ctrl+X

Mix All: Alt+Ctrl+X

Blend: Shift+Ctrl+B

Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials

CheckYes (Mix only)

Midi Quest one

CheckYes (Mix only)