IconBank Import Patch Names Only (Bank Window)


Imports patch names stored in a bank SysEx file and writes them into the current bank.

This function is only available for banks where there is no name space available within each individual patch. In these cases, Midi Quest allocates space for names internally and allows you to name each of your patches (even though you can't do this on your instrument), and maintains these names for you.

If you load a bank from an instrument that does not include names for each patch, you will have to enter a name for each patch every time a bank is loaded. This this system, you can import the names from another bank already stored on disk and use it as a starting point.

Since most current instruments have space in their patches dedicated to storing names, the function is only useful for the oldest of instruments.


To import patch names into the current bank:

1.Choose Bank Edit/Import Patch Names Only...
2.A file selector will appear
3.Use the selector to select the file which already has the patch names you want to use with this bank
4.Press the OK button
5.The current bank will be displayed using the same patch names as the selected bank

Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one